Brokerage service
Diversify your investments using all the opportunities of the financial markets. Macte Invest will assist with the choice of investment instruments and the most appropriate strategies.
An instrument that gives the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell (call option or put option) a specified asset at a stipulated price at a certain time in a future.
A hedging is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment. A hedge is used for the purpose of insurance against risks.
An instrument that obliges to buy or sell an asset at a previously stipulated price at some point in the future.
Shall be taken to have the opportunity for optimal investment in precious metals without buying the spot metals.
A market of interbank currency exchange at free prices.
An acquisition and safe storage of gold bullion.
A borrowing against securities pledging.
It is a debt security that gives the right to get its notional value at a stipulated period and a previous fixed interest (the coupon) from issuer (emitent).
It is a security that is a share of capital of an joint stock company and that gives the right to receive the share the profit as dividends.
Fiduciary deposit is a deposit placed with an overseas bank.

An unique opportunity to advice with experts in the field of financial markets, adopt the best practices from the professionals of trade, find out the nuances in drawing up of the strategies and make a profit with minimum losses.
Technological and fundamental analysis of financial markets.
Lawful minimisation of expenses on the taxes.
Maintenance of financial accounting according to IFRS.
Advices in the field of licensing.
Cooperation with leading banks of the world.

Management of capital
Any trade strategy involves defined risks. Right capital management will increase income and reduce risk.
Reliable way of management of investment savings is a transference of funds to a professional manager.
Trust management as a safe method of investment.
Solution for active investors and emergent entrepreneurs.
The acquisition of the whole stock of shares by one transaction.
Modernization of business processes for performance improvement.

Fund raising
Any trade strategy involves defined risks. Right capital management will increase income and reduce risk.
Issuance of debt for a wide range of investors.

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