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Brokerage service
Diversify your investments using all the opportunities of the financial markets. Macte Invest will assist with the choice of investment instruments and the most appropriate strategies.
An instrument that gives the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell (call option or put option) a specified asset at a stipulated price at a certain time in a future.
An instrument that obliges to buy or sell an asset at a previously stipulated price at some point in the future.
A borrowing against securities pledging.
It is a debt security that gives the right to get its notional value at a stipulated period and a previous fixed interest (the coupon) from issuer (emitent).
It is a security that is a share of capital of an joint stock company and that gives the right to receive the share the profit as dividends.

Fund raising
Any trade strategy involves defined risks. Right capital management will increase income and reduce risk.
Issuance of debt for a wide range of investors.

* Services are provided by the company or partners of the company at the request of the client.

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