Steponkus & Co FMAB is at the Lithuanian market since 1994 year. Our experience of many years in the field of the financial services is a right hand in solving problems. We work with all financial and economical systems and shape strategic approaches for investment implementation.

A distinctive feature of Macte Invest is striving for long term cooperation by providing quality services based on individual approach to each client.

Macte Invest builds trust-based relationships with customers and partners and creates favourable conditions to improve the welfare of our clients under the conditions of comfort and reliability.

Macte Invest has many years of history and well-coordinated team of professionals, established technologies and occupational experience in financial markets.

ABC for Investor

Perspectives and importance \ advantage

Stability and reliability

Macte Invest conducts professional activities on the stock market for over 20 years and consistently holds one of the leading positions in the rankings of Lithuania.

Advanced technologies

Macte Invest conducts a full range of professional activities on the European, American, Russian securities markets.

Innovative solution

Macte Invest offers innovative and unique variety of strategies of trust management depending on the investment preferences of the Customer.

Relevant analytics

Weekly analytics and market overview.

Our team

Sergei Vinokurov

Member of the Board since 2015.

He began his career as an engineer. He achieved the heights in the management of globally known companies in Moscow. Sergei Vinokurov established his business in the field of wholesale trade in 1995 year. He improved his professional knowledge after he became the owner of the oil industry company in Switzerland.

Sergei Vinokurov is the owner and director of a private company in Hong Kong.

Valentine Levchenko

Member of the Board since 2017.

Got 3 bachelor's degrees, including Bachelor of business activity, and a master's degree. Valentine has deep knowledge and working experience in the field of investment, brokerage services and corporate finance. He worked in financial companies and banks of the European Union and the United States. He was engaged in attracting syndicated loans, issuing bonds, raising capital, restructuring the business, business selling and buying.

Georgiy Dzyubenko

Member of the Board since 2019.

Georgiy Dzyubenko graduated from law faculty at Kiev Taras Shevchenko National University and working as a lawyer. He has over 18 years of legal work experience including corporate compliance. Georgiy Dzyubenko also has a leadership experience in large companies in the chemical and energy sectors.

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