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Macte Invest – modern brokerage company for supporting a wealthy international clients and their companies.

From the date of the company operations there was built an asset management infrastructure and were developed all following products required by clients such as a management of capital, maintenance of daily transactions on customer accounts, providing current analytics and consulting services, fund raising.

Our customers are intelligent and demanding. They are united by the talent and success in growth of the capital. We believe that it is important to base our relations with clients on mutual trust. Our professionalism is the skill which will allow the money to work effectively and achieve results, in other words, the profit for the customer and for the company.

If you aspire to success and your values align with our vision then we invite you to join our team.

We believe that it is important to be in a team with people who have:

Advantages of working with Macte Invest:

Please, send your CV and motivation letter by e-mail [email protected]. We will consider the possibility of cooperation and we will contact you in the case of interest.

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