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For a start of cooperation it is necessary to sign the Agreement for the provision of investment services.

Investment services provision contract (legal entities)
Investment services provision contract (natural persons)
Terms and Conditions (General part of Investment services provision contract)
Audit reports
Auditor's report for year 1998
Auditor's report for year 2001
Auditor's report for year 2002
Auditor's report for year 2003
Auditor's report for year 2004
Auditor's report for year 2005
Auditor's report for year 2006
Auditor's report for year 2007
Auditor's report for year 2008
Auditor's report for year 2009
Auditor's report for year 2010
Auditor's report for year 2011
Auditor's report for year 2012
Auditor's report for year 2013
Auditor's report for year 2014
Auditor's report for year 2015
Independent auditor's report for the year 2017
Notes to the set of annual financial statements 2017
Independent auditor's report, financial statements and annual report for the year 2018
Independent auditor's report, financial statements and annual report for the year 2019
Corporate Actions
The decision of the general meeting of shareholders on the payment of dividends
Investment Procedures
The purpose of the Policy is to identify key aggregated information about the different types of financial instruments (products) for which investment services are provided by the Broker and the risks of investing in these financial instruments (products). The preliminary description of the target / non-target market is given for different types of financial instruments (products), regardless of the information and circumstances related to the specific investor and / or the arrangements for the distribution of the specific financial instrument (product).
Macte Invest FM AB (hereinafter - The Broker) provides investment services and/or performs investment activities. The Broker shall be guided by international agreements concluded by the Republic of Lithuania, laws of the Republic of Lithuania, resolutions of the Bank of the Republic of Lithuania. The Broker shall establish policies and procedures according to which clients shall be classified as professional, non – professional and eligible counterparties according to the provisions of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Markets in Financial Instruments and other relevant legal acts. The purpose of this document is to implement the principle „Know Your Customer“, to offer and provide the best quality of investment services for the client.
The Policy on processing of personal data establishes principles on processing of personal data, purpose for processing of personal data, sources of processing of personal data, recipients of data, territorial processing of personal data, periods for storage of data, rights of the client and their enforcement, automated decision making, including profiling.
The Policy has been prepared in accordance with the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/576, as well as the Law on Markets in Financial Instruments of the Republic of Lithuania, the Resolution of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania “On Approval of Rules for Organizing Financial Brokerage Firms. By concluding transactions with the Broker or by giving an instruction for concluding a transaction on the Client’s behalf, the Client agrees to the execution of the order on the terms and conditions set out in this Policy.
This Complaints Assessment Procedure regulates the complaints management process, which includes the Client's Complaints receipt, acceptance, registration, analysis, submission of response, evaluation of the results of Complaints processing and other actions and procedures.