01.01.2019 - 31.01.2019
September October November December January 1 month
GOLD 1233-1238 1238-1249 1253-1262 1253-1262 1282 1274-1268
BRENT OIL 75.02-74.21 78.21-77.35 71.32-70.32 64.69-68.37 61.62 60.53-58.94
EUR/USD 1.1719-1.1751 1.1600-1.1652 1.1594-1.1622 1.1453-1.1501 1.1349 1.1306-1.1290
USD/RUB 68.91-69.21 66.10-66.40 66.23-66-56 67.45-67.84 66.45 66.90-67.34
S&P 500 2864-2853 2809-2817 2796-2817 2774-2800 2653 2636-2607
BTC/USD (CME) 7490-7705 6613-6798 6497-6607 4203-4611 3558 3658-3782
DXY 94.21-93.71 95.34-94.92 95.38-94.79 96.01-95.69 96.44 96.60-96.75

Analytical reviews of financial instruments

GOLD Start of period price:1282
BRENT OIL Start of period price:61.62
EUR/USD Start of period price:1.1349
USD/RUB Start of period price:66.45
S&P 500 Start of period price:2653
BTC/USD (CME) Start of period price:3558
DXY Start of period price:96.44

Analytics and comments

06 Sep 2019
“Earn well by doing well” - future investor slogan

Risk factor? A profit-raising tool? Or a political question? For an investor, first of all, it is a tool to avoid a systemic failure in the capital markets. ESG rating is an instrument that evaluates the level of awareness and ethics of a company.

10 Jun 2019
IPO: what should investor know?

The IPO wave, which covered the stock market in 2018, is now actively gaining momentum, and numerous unicorn names are one the IPO horizon: Uber, Lyft, Zoom, Pinterest. How to recognize a company that, in its public status, will bring profit to the investor, and not regret?

27 May 2019
Global Recession – are we there yet?

As we are still enjoying the longest bull market ever registered in history, one cannot help but wonder when and how devastating will the next global recession be?

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