01.01.2019 - 31.01.2019
September October November December January 1 month
GOLD 1233-1238 1238-1249 1253-1262 1253-1262 1282 1274-1268
BRENT OIL 75.02-74.21 78.21-77.35 71.32-70.32 64.69-68.37 61.62 60.53-58.94
EUR/USD 1.1719-1.1751 1.1600-1.1652 1.1594-1.1622 1.1453-1.1501 1.1349 1.1306-1.1290
USD/RUB 68.91-69.21 66.10-66.40 66.23-66-56 67.45-67.84 66.45 66.90-67.34
S&P 500 2864-2853 2809-2817 2796-2817 2774-2800 2653 2636-2607
BTC/USD (CME) 7490-7705 6613-6798 6497-6607 4203-4611 3558 3658-3782
DXY 94.21-93.71 95.34-94.92 95.38-94.79 96.01-95.69 96.44 96.60-96.75

Analytical reviews of financial instruments

GOLD Start of period price:1282
BRENT OIL Start of period price:61.62
EUR/USD Start of period price:1.1349
USD/RUB Start of period price:66.45
S&P 500 Start of period price:2653
BTC/USD (CME) Start of period price:3558
DXY Start of period price:96.44

Analytics and comments

14 Mar 2019
RES - a new formula of investment success

Last year, a great part of  investors’ attention was paid to technology sector. Meanwhile, there is a chance that some interesting opportunities have been missed out. We believe that one of them could be companies operating in Renewable energy  sector.

24 Jan 2019
The legacy of 2018: how it can be used in 2019?

The year 2018 came to its logical conclusion, a year full of unexpected surprises and global disappointments. To summarize? It was not boring.

17 Jan 2019
Outlook 2018/2019

Another year has come to its logical conclusion. To summarize?

27 Sep 2018
Stock buybacks – a luster or a misery?

Not so long ago stock buybacks were effectively banned in the U.S. due to concerns that they would be used to manipulate share prices. A lot has change since then.

30 Jul 2018
George Soros warns of the risk of a global financial crisis in Europe!

George Soros warns of the risk of a global financial crisis in Europe!

27 Jul 2018
Are you entering the same trading session as financial “Whales”?

Are you entering the same trading session as financial “Whales”?

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