Hedging gives an opportunity to insure the financial risks and protect the capital from financial shocks.

Unstable world economic development as well as periodically increasing geopolitical risks lead to significant price fluctuation. Risk identification process is important for adaptation to the changes of contemporary world.

Macte Invest™ offers to protect you from unpredictable market changes and use such hedging instruments as options, futures or contracts for difference of prices in accordance with the specificity and volume of your financial risks.

Reasons of risk hedging:

Hedging is actively used in any business area either in a logistics company or in a major bank.

Macte Invest™ offers:



Successfully developed a hedging program will reduce not only the risks but also the costs. Our specialists will provide the most effective financial management for the purpose of the growth your capital.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany
FWB is the world`s 10th largest stock exchange by market capitalization.