Bank accounts opening

Any business is in need of its "the best" bank. Each bank has its own traditions, conditions and commissions. Our years-long cooperation with a number of banks has many advantages.

If you need a reliable account to save your money, Macte Invest™ will assist in cooperation with the bank which best of all will fit to the specifics of your requirements.

Macte Invest™ takes into account the fact that an account opening in a short time can be important for you, so that is why our company and lawyers have developed close partnership relations with the most reliable banks all over the world. Macte Invest™ provides not only easy opening a bank account but also an access to the necessary information on a fee schedule and other requirements.

Macte Invest™ provides:

Mostly, banks require the personal attendance of the client at the time of the contract creation. In some cases our company has the right to certify the banking forms, so your attendance is not required.

Macte Invest™ is working for simplification of the achievement of your objectives.

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