Dear Customer,
Please carefully review the important message provided within the client cabinet.


With the recent update of Macte Invest Wealth Management application we have improved user experience, to drop excessive actions and click and make the usage of client cabinet more comfortable, first of all in terms of portfolio management and order placement.

List of trading related functionality improvements :

  • Updated layout of order forms to ease order submission.
  • Open pre-filled order form from Portfolio screen to close or increase positions.
  • Submit order from the Instruments catalogue.
  • Request to add new instrument to the catalogue directly from order forms.

These changes made process of order placement much easier and faster.

Other improvements :

  • Instruments filtering and search logic.
  • General usability.
  • Overall performance and speed increase.
  • Removed excessive disclaimers.

We would appreciate, if you can share your thoughts [ [email protected] ] regarding this update or would like to request a new feature.

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