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Private Investment Fund

Effective solution for financing the investment projects is the establishment of the closed investment fund.

The main objective of the investment fund is the accumulation of savings of private individuals and legal entities for co-investing in interesting projects and businesses. A professional manager makes the investment. It allows to minimize the risks of private investors.

You'll get the opportunity to create your own team according to estimate and implementation of investment projects and also to attract the additional investors for co-financing.

Advantages of investment fund:

Private investment fund is an instrument which can assist you to exercise absolute control over assets in accordance with your investment requirements.

Macte Invest™ provides:
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
bg.The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is the world`s second-largest exchange for futures and options on futures and the largest in the U.S. Trading involves mostly futures on interest rates, currency, equities, stock indices and a small amount on agricultural products.
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