Investors often encounter many difficulties in the process of the management of their investments. Trust is the key to maintaining your savings and provides the ability of the using an assets even in case of the bankruptcy or confiscation order.

Macte Invest™ can take over the responsibility for your assets. Under the trust transaction all operations are conducted on behalf of the representative of trust service but strictly taking into account the interests of the client. We will tentatively agree with you conducting all potential operations with assets but the true beneficiary from any transactions will be the only client of the trust, in other words that is you.

Advantages of trust transactions:

This service is suitable for those investors who need to ensure a sufficient level of privacy without loss of the possibility of obtaining a high income. Also an additional advantage of the trust transactions is the constant professional control and transactions planning on the part of the management company.

Macte Invest™ offers:

We have a developed base for the successful operation of a trust. Our competent team undertakes to manage your property using all the experience on the financial markets.

The Vilnius Stock Exchange in Lithuania.
bg.The NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Stock Exchange is a stock exchange established in 1993 (Vilnius Stock Exchange, VSE) operating in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group.